My name is Andrea Fanelli, I am an MIT researcher and a landscape and travel photographer. I was born and grew up in Italy, not far from Milan and the Alps. Few years ago, I moved to Boston and now I consider this amazing city my home town.

In June last year, I decided to invest my savings into a mirrorless camera, and since then I have been out shooting almost every day.

This is a collection of the best pictures I took of Boston in the last 12 months. Boston is an amazing city, there are so many opportunities for photography that I feel blessed to be a photographer living in this city. The city is so calming and alive in the same time, the colours are different in each season and the sunsets are incredibly beautiful and colourful.

Taking pictures for me is an incredible opportunity to explore the city and find places where I have never been before. With this post, I want to share with the readers the beauty of Boston, hoping to be able to motivate everyone to take some time and visit the city.

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Blood moon eclipse, September 2015

Long exposure of the Boston waterfront at night, November 2015

The view from the Prudential after a snow storm, January 2016

Colourful sunset, July 2015

View from Malone park, Chelsea, March 2016

Purple sky after a hailstorm, August 2015

The view from a friend’s rooftop, January 2016

The view of Boston from the Prudential tower, January 2016

A pretty sunset on the Charles river, October 2015

A shot of the International Space Station hovering over Boston, October 2015

Sunday traffic under the Zakim bridge, April 2016

Colorful sunset after a snow storm, January 2016

The view of the skyline from Malone Park in Chelsea, March 2016

Super long exposure of a cold winter sunset, February 2016

B&W shot of the reflective pool in Symphony, October 2015

Red sunset reflected off the Boston skyline, March 2016

A peak hour of traffic, November 2015

The sun reflected off the skyline, July 2015

Summer afternoon on the river, July 2015

Blue hour at the Zakim bridge, October 2015