Love is a four letter word but has an eternity full of meaning to it.

In my lifetime I hoped I will fall in love with that someone who will make me understand the meaning of love.

These hexagonal illustrations are just a way to represent the love my girl has given to me. Hexagon is just my favourite, it never ends, just keeps on going.

And I wanted to connect this to our love and friendship. It’s been special our journey and now these are just a little effort to say that “I am happy with her”. It’s our little story!

She is the queen of my beehive!

We have spent 11 months under the shelter of love!

To sit with her and ride is one of the best feeling in the world!

The hexagon makes our hearts bloom!

She calls me her candyfloss!

For a girl like her, it is okay to be a little possessive

We just eat over our galaxy of problems!

My heart is big enough to keep you safe inside forever. She calls me her giant!

Our love is always in the air!

When she talks about lamps, she just talks!

Sometimes, we love to dream together!

She loves her sleep time and i love to watch her sleep!

Wrapped up in her love and writings!

She loves to play in the rain and i love to watch her!

Even in the darkest hours of our life, we will be there for us!

Her heart is a treasure for me and i keep it safe!

The promise is to stay with you no matter the situation!

While the world is busy clicking pictures of the wonders, I am busy with mine!

She loves to colour her dream in yellow.It is her favourite dream!