Never look in the camera's eye if you find yourself in an interesting place.

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So last year I published an article about this photo-philosophy of mine. The idea was - and still is - pretty simple: just like everybody else, every time I saw something captivating, I wanted a pic that would remind me about that moment. But at some point it dawned on me that posing with a smile for a photo, giving your back to something incredible, using sunsets, forests, and streets as backgrounds was just... wrong.

So I did a 180 turn - literally. One day I decided to turn my back to the camera and enjoy the view in front of me. And afterwards relive the feeling every time I looked at the photo.

And once I started ignoring the camera - or rather asked people to capture me absorbing the surrounding world instead of faking a smile against it - I simply couldn't stop.

A year later I understood that there's a whole new collection of pics I'd like to share with you.

If you enjoy them and like the idea, spread the word - the beauty in front of us is more important than just another portrait. After all, we've got selfies for those, don't we?

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