Portrait of Stirling.

This artwork is the 5th in a major project to depict all 69 UK cities and will be on display at The Tolbooth, Stirling’s venue for live music and the arts from June 2018.

A talented, self-taught artist, Carl has been sketching since he was 5 years old. As a child, he was fascinated with drawing maps, architecture and fictional cities. It was after contracting and overcoming Guillane-Barre syndrome, a condition that affects the nervous system and can leave sufferers paralysed, that he decided to take his childhood passion more seriously and begin sketching with a more ambitious vision.

It was in 2016 while mapping the city of Birmingham that he joined forces with photographer Lorna Le Bredonchel and together they formed the ’69 cities of the UK’ project. The cities of Manchester and Edinburgh were completed and displayed in 2017, at the beginning of 2018 the city of Dundee was completed – now displayed at the McManus, Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum – in March they then turned their attention to the city of Stirling, a city they had not previously visited.

Carl spent 3 months researching, mapping and sketching the city of Stirling. The sketch measures 2m x 1m, completed using a mix of technical and Bic pens on archival paper and mounted onto Dibond. The cityscape covers a radius of 3 miles, stretching as far North Camuskenneth Abbey, resting place of one of Scotlands most controversial Kings, King James III, as far East as Stirling F.C Forthbank stadium, as far South as Stirling’s monumental Castle and as far West as Stirling’s world-famous sport’s university.

On completion of all the Scottish cities, they will form a major exhibition to be shown in several spaces throughout Scotland, with the first exhibit taking place in Stirling.

Prints of the Stirling artwork are available.

More info: sketchnthecity.com

The beginning of sketching the city of Stirling

Stirling 2nd panel

Close up of Carl

Stirling 3rd panel

Close-up of Stirling

#PictureThePossible with Carl

Carl and Lorna