Not so long time ago I finished this electroformed pendant, for me it is the biggest jewerly project so far.

Today I want to show you how it was made, step by step.

I had a nice number of followers on Instagam and decided to celebrate it with giveaway, for which I wanted to make something really gorgeous. There was no concept, but I just reciever a package with beautiful minerals and wanted to use them.

More info: Instagram

Garden quartz and petrified Ammonite. Decieded on the first one

I used polymer clay to sculpt the head and two Garnet beads as eyes

Looks like creepy zombie frog :D

I had to roll hungreds of tiny clay balls in different sizes to make suction cups for octopus’ legs

Placing them in rows. Bigger suction cups go first

How could I manage without his help? We’ll never know. Let’s just take a deep breath and look at this adorable fluffy butt

The first leg is ready to be placed on the pendant. Felling like a Dr. Frankenstein with these body parts

Frog head + octopus leg = still creepy!

A bit better know. Also can you guess how many suction cups were made? Answer is lower in the post

Four legs and I’ve figured out of who he reminds me. Remember those droll coffee addicted creatures from MIB? Yep, definitely they are related with this guy

Finally all legs are on their places! By the way, I love how the stone looks like brain :)

So. Many. Suction. Cups

After baking in the oven our octi became strong and durable, but changed the color. Not a problem for us

Loving the result

Because of the asymmetrically cut stone the back side came out a bit messy, but we care more about the face

Ready for this? 514 suction cups! Ouch, my fingers hurt

Now it’s time to cover this guy in graphite. Copper attaches only on surfaces which conduct electricity. Polymer clay don’t, but graphite does, so that’s the answer :)

Looks epic in black color, isn’t it?

In chemical bath copper slowly covers graphite. As you can see, copper is bright orange here, not the color we need

But once the pendant is polished and blackened, it looks much better!

Giving it the final polish to add extra shine

And the last touch. Attaching the chain and more garnet beads that match his eyes

The result!

I love the contrast between polished and untouched metal, especially the suction cups

Thank you for the attention! :)