My name is Irini Tsagalidis and I am 24 years old from Victoria, Australia.

I've always had a passion for art, even though I was never really good at it! Watercolors have always been my favourite.

I spent the last few years going from job to job because I wasn't happy with anything I was doing, until recently.

I had the opportunity to become a barista, and I went for it. I am, however, self taught. I started playing around with coffee, syrups and food dye in my down time and came to realise that working with the milk foam and food dye had a similar feel to watercolors. I began to practice more and more, experimenting with different types of food dye, such as gel or liquid dye.

Then, some customers began to request things onto their coffee. It made me nervous but I pushed through and started to make more elaborate works on coffees.

I highly enjoy making people smile from my latte art and it allows me to express my creativity to the world.

It's not as hard as it looks!


#1 Starry Night Latte

Starry Night Latte


#2 Koi Fish

Koi Fish


#3 Never Stop Dreaming

Never Stop Dreaming


#4 Kingfisher



#5 Flowers Are My Obsession

Flowers Are My Obsession


#6 African Sunset

African Sunset


#7 The Most Important Drink Of The Day

The Most Important Drink Of The Day


#8 My Little Hummingbird

My Little Hummingbird


#9 Peacock