An Australia-based illustrator Gavin Aung Than is the author of Zen Pencils, a blog where popular and inspirational quotes are transformed from words into cartoon images. Probably you’ve already seen some of his works!

A famous quote by Confucius – “Choose a work you love and you will never have to work a day in your life“, was one of Gavin’s firsts artworks, because that was exactly what he did. He left his job in a giant corporation, sold his house and started Zen Pencils. The artist was inspired by popularity of inspirational quotes on social networks, thus, he decided to give them the real meaning they had.

Now, two years have passed since the start of this project and Gavin’s comics have been everywhere around the world, translated into several languages and published into a big comic book. Have a look for some inspiration!

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C. S. Lewis

Bruce Lee

Albert Einstein


Ralph Waldo Emerson