Located about 60 miles outside of Boston is a town called Templeton. Within this town if you are driving on the scenic route of Patriots Road you will pass an historic decaying house known as the T.T. Greenwood-Orre house.

This octagon house was built in 1855 and was erected in the town for T.T. Greenwood, the house which is a full 3 stories tall also included an enclosed cupola, which gave Greenwood access to view his furniture factory which was located on Mill St.

Around the 1870s Greenwood decided to build a large mansion across the street from the octagon house, which is now being used as apartments.

Sadly T.T. Greenwood Died on July 10 1885.

Mrs. Orre, who had owned the house since the 1950’s sadly passed away at the age of 101, with her death her son became the the new owner of the house and he realized that the house would need a good amount of work to bring it back to one of the country’s most impressive remaining Octagon mansions.

The house includes 4 rooms on each of the floors, with all of the rooms having a triangular corner closets attached to them, there is also an impressive interior winding staircase that goes all the way up to the cupola.

Originally the house had an iron gate around it but that was sold during hard times.

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Outside the house as seen as it stands today

The house circa 1950s (Photo: The Octagon House Inventory website)

The house circa 1970’s (Photo: The Octagon House Inventory Website)

An Image of T.T. Greenwood (Photo: Brian Tanguay/Naragansett Historical Society)

Door inside main entrance of house

Kitchen located on first floor of house

Bedroom on first floor of the house

Bedroom on second floor of the house

Winding staircase as seen from the second floor

Looking down staircase to first floor

Kitchen area on the third floor

Pantry area looking into kitchen on third floor

Inside the cupola of the house

One last look at the outside of this historic beauty