This year I participated in the Inktober Challenge for the first time. My idea was to build a fantasy city.

For each prompt, I drew a house using only fine-liners and markers. Throughout October, I spent many hours each day on my pictures. The city grew and grew.

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I had to work on the floor because my desk was much too small for that huge paper. I should work on a bigger table in the future

I created a whole town from scratch for Inktober where each house tells its own story

The story of building no. 4 is about a witch going on holiday with her sister. They arrive exhausted at the hotel (no.7) and fall directly into bed. They miss the shooting stars at night and can not observe the universe at the observatory (no.8).

It was after the first week that I got an idea of the entire city

Every house was created out of my imagination. I had no concrete idea how each building would look like at the beginning. Sure, I did research and looked at different types of constructions, materials, objects, etc. However, each drawing came out of my head.

After two weeks, the first half was done. Inktown rose above the horizon

I tried to put as much detail into each house as possible. Although I have my own story to each building, I want viewers to invent their own stories.

Can you imagine what happened at the fair (no. 17)? Why is the house (no. 19) burned down? Who actually lives in the castle (no. 22) up there? Let your imagination run wild!

This is the shape my Inktown took after three weeks of work

All the houses are connected in their stories. The people living in the bus (no. 29) are musicians who regularly play live on the Radio Station (no.25).

In the yoga hall (no.26), people train to climb the rocky mountain. The tourists go up to the peak by cable car (no.30).

Afterward, they treat themselves with a slice of cake in the cafe (no.31). Gifts for the friends at home are bought in the souvenir shop (no.28).

I live in the last house. There are still rooms available. Who would like to move in?