I am Nithya Radhakrishnan, a passionate photographer, artist and lover of all things aesthetic. Ingredientales is my ongoing fine art food photography project showcasing abstract, whimsical, and artistic creations unifying minimalistic equipment, basic lighting, and creative arrangement and crafting of humble fruits and vegetables.

My photographic vision and imagination aims to present the stunning possibilities of light when it magically travels through the rich texture, pattern, and innate beauty of fruits, vegetables, and select spices.

Thus, pomegranates transform into blood vessels. Strawberry slices become tulips. A host of veggies adorn the “vegan land”, complete with a meadow, house, and fence.

This series presents “edible art” and makes the audience an essential “ingredient” in its multifarious “tales” — the excitement in spotting each ingredient, running one’s eyes through the creative arrangement, and finally taking in the whole piece with a sense of fulfilment.

NOTE: All pictures were shot by arranging sliced fruits / veggies and no photo editing tools were used to add or remove any elements from the pictures but for some basic color corrections.

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The Onion Tree

Sliced Onions with a doodled trunk forms the tree, grape skin forms the birds while lime zest and red capsicum makes the grass with flowers

Tulip garden

Strawberries, green capsicum and coriander stem are bloom into a Tulip garden.

Starry sky

Cucumber clouds floating on a Carambola (star fruit) studded sky with a sliced watermelon moon


Red Cabbage flows with the Brussels sprouts


Red Capsicum and corn spathe form the Mushroom, while the kiwi and Banana Flower aptly fit in for the snail, garnished with some cilantro for the grass


Carrots roll in as roses and Carambola topped with some beetroot forms the small flowers and cucumber skins make the leaves

Okra Star

Okra crafted to form an abstract flower

Ivy Gourd Abstract

The interesting patterns revealed inside the Ivy Gourd

Veggie Gears

Bitter gourd / Bitter Melon studded with sliced carrots to form a whimsical gear surface pattern


Cabbage leaf curved and Okra slices placed atop makes this vibrant FoodBall!


Slices of carrots and grapes form this minimalist FoodPrint


A dreamy landscape with hot air balloons of Cappadocia created using cabbage leaf, Shallots, Carrot and some spaghetti

The Vegan Land

Banana Flower spathe makes the hut + Green tomatoes tree + carrot sun + Parsley bushes + Red and green capsicum plants + corn spathe meadow = Vegan Land

Blood Vessels

Sliced Pomegranate with a dash of the juice spilled all over makes this bloody scene


Simple yet elegant Pacman – using Dragon Fruit and lime slices

Space Odyssey

A Space Odyssey with Dragon Fruit and Orange peel the Saturn, Watermelon Jupiter, Carrot Mars . The spaceship made with Potato slice, orange peel and cloves.
The sky was made using mustard seeds, pepper and the core of sliced okra.

The Coral reef

This vibrant coral reef was created using Orange slices, Onion rings, carrots, Red Capsicum, Green Capsicum and Dragon Fruit.