Who wouldn’t stop to admire a duck family crossing the road?

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Pedestrian safety is as important in Kaunas as it is in most European cities. The city municipality decided to take a creative approach and invited Saulius Gudelevičius, a local street artist, to collaborate in a new project.

Gudelevičius was commissioned to create realistic 3D drawings in front of 10 of the most challenging pedestrian crossings in the city located near schools and kindergartens. The artist chose to depict a cute duck family crossing a road. Cute enough to get a pedestrian to stop and take a look around before crossing a street.

You can visit the ducklings at the pedestrian crossings in Šilainiai, Šančiai, Vilijampolė and other districts of Kaunas if you’re in town.

Of course, street art isn’t the only way to prevent accidents in the streets of Kaunas. LED systems, modern traffic lights and other means of enhancing security are being implemented.

All pictures by Kaunas municipality.