In honor of world breastfeeding week this year, I decided to put together a breastfeeding series, focusing on one of the many ways that mothers nurture, sooth, and comfort their babies across the globe.

After three babies of my own, I know first hand that breastfeeding is not always simple or easy. It presents a series of challenges that range from physical to emotional. It is not for every mother, or for every child. Sometimes it isn’t even a choice. I respect and support the difficult decisions all mamas make to provide what is best for their babies.

I am Laura, a Maryland based photographer. Breastfeeding photography is very special to me. It is one of those things in life you cannot seem to find the correct words to describe what it makes you feel. I call this project “The Motherhood Suck.”

To commemorate this World Breastfeeding Week 2016, I gathered some of my favorite photos and made a video. I also asked the moms I photographed what breastfeeding means to them, and I wrote these quotes on the video as well. The result is something special to me and I hope the world sees the beauty in it!

When I photograph mothers nursing their children, I am overcome with a sense of peace that radiates through my entire sole. Please do you part in helping spread the normalization of breastfeeding, and share this project.

Follow along through out the month of August as I share these mothers stories, and many more. Please visit my website and my Facebook page Simply Laura Photography, for more.

More info:

Breastfeeding has been the most amazing and natural experience I have ever had. It is truly a beautiful gift between a mother and her child that I am so thankful I got to experience

What an honor it is to be a woman. To grow a human being within your body, bring them into the world, and then nourish them with your body. This creates an unfathomable bond and love like no other

It’s normalizing breastfeeding and showing others that even though it is hard, there is support, there is help, there is hope!

Breastfeeding for me is empowering. It is strength, courage and beauty. It is life

I know that formula feeding isn’t the end of the world and the most important thing is a growing healthy baby, but there is nothing like the bond that you and your baby form when breastfeeding. We had to fight for our breastfeeding journey but I wouldn’t have traded it, these have been some of the most precious moments we’ve had together

Selfless love

Breastfeeding means giving my babies the best healthy start. It means a time of bonding and building a relationship with them

I took a self portrait when my youngest daughter was starting to wean, so that I could have a tangible memory of those cherished moments

Being a part of this project to me is about being witness to everyone’s breastfeeding journey and knowing not two are alike. We all have our struggles and our triumphs

Breastfeeding is a new relationship with my body as well as with my child… Joys and disappointments, successes and frustrations. Becoming a mother and being able to breastfeed my baby has been me becoming more fully who I was always meant to be

“The Motherhood Suck” by: Simply Laura photography