What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a popular tourist destination? Maybe it’s the food, an iconic building, or something unique about the people. A survey asked 100 tourists to draw a picture of the first thing that came to mind when they thought about ten famous cities around the world. The results were then categorized to show what cultural icons tourists associate most with these cities and, turns out, architecture and food made the strongest impression on respondents.

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Venice – For Venice, 82% of people drew the lovely Gondolas people use to travel throughout this unique city of canals and waterways.

Tokyo – Many people drew classic Japanese food, 33% of pictures being sushi and ramen dishes, to represent Tokyo.

New York – Around 31% drew the famous landmark of the Statue of Liberty as the iconic symbol of New York.

Sydney – In Oz, 66% of surveyees chose the building landmark of the Sydney Opera House as the defining picture of Sydney.

Cairo – For the buzzing desert city of Cairo, 81% of drawings were of the ancient pyramids.

Paris – For 78% of people, the first thing that came to mind in Paris was the Eiffel Tower to represent the city of romance and love.

Rio De Janeiro – About 64% of participants drew Christ the Redeemer, the angelic statue that overlooks the city of Rio.

Berlin – For the very artistic and historical city of Berlin, 26% of people saw the Berlin Wall as the defining cultural icon

Dubai – For Dubai, 19% chose to feature the 828 meters high Burj Khalifa luxury hotel landmark.

London – Last but not least, London was depicted by 33% of people as the clock tower Big Ben.