In the UK, at a local wedding, there was an amusing incident. The ceremony was supposed to be different with the help of a barn owl. According to the idea, the ring bearer bird should bring the wedding rings to the bride and groom. But instead, the owl decided to remember its natural essence in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

Every day we see different marriages break the formalism and innovate in their forms of presentation. These wedding vows, however, just topped it all.

A couple from Cheshire County, North West England, also decided to diversify the ceremony and bring this beautiful bird to the solemn event. But something went wrong.

Instead of fulfilling its mission, the owl recalled that it was still a bird of prey and decided to hunt. The hunt was for some reason announced to the friend of the fiancé. The owl attacked the man causing the guest to fall from his chair.

However, the other guests just had fun with the hilarious wedding fail. A photographer who was present at the wedding managed to calm the owl. The blatant photos were great and probably will occupy a place worthy of the solemn album.

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To make the wedding as original as possible, an owl was hired to bring alliances to the bride and groom

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The friend of the groom served as a hunt for the owl

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Look at the exact moment of the attack