GRAV GRAV is a wearable-wood brand based in Istanbul. I create uniquely spirited wooden bags, handcrafted with natural materials like walnut, oak and beech since 2011.

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The brand focuses on the feeling of belonging to nature and is interested in creating a magical channel between women and nature. Every tree texture has its unique story and embodies the soul of nature. I use wood as a space to embody art objects and patterns, avoiding exaggeration of appearance, focusing instead on material individuality.

GRAV GRAV is taking a walk in the botanical garden this season. Come with us to the habitat of plants and birds and discover the magical colors of nature and the harmony of wood and ceramic.

As every pattern has its own personality, every piece of the collection is unique, wearing a handcreafted detail. The use of wood, artsy lines and ceramic botanical motifs make the collection the perfect pick if you are looking for something soft and feminine, yet unique.

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I'm Reconnecting With Nature By Wood & Ceramic Mosaic Bags


Nancy E 1 year ago

I do a lot of mosaics so I'm interested in these . Sometimes, I like to use colored grout especially forest green & brick.