Father and Son –
Searching for what’s untold in the father and son relationship, trying to capture what’s important in the daily life of the two. It’s a result of one year being an observer and looking for what’s constant and what’s changing and will never be the same. It’s the first chapter while waiting for what comes next. It is also a self-portrait of a mother, despite being on the other side of the camera.

It was a year ago when I consciously started capturing the relationship of my son with his dad, getting closer and closer to their men’s world. It started with one picture, where I realized that I don’t have many more showing their special bond. While shooting many photos, the focus was mostly on my child, rather than them both. At the same time I was at the stage, where I really wanted to work on a long term project and searched for the right topic for a long time, while having the best opportunity just next to me!

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