I’m buiding a cross-over between a 3D zoetrope and a merry-go-round! In it, the metamorphosis of a butterfly comes to life! Please donate and share to help me build my dream! On the crowdfunding page, you can see how it works and what it means to me!

More info: voordekunst.nl

Inside the attraction, you experience the process of metamorphosis of a butterfly!

I’ve glued all the paper sculptures together by hand. A caterpillar takes about 30 minutes to make, a cocoon 45 minutes and a plant over an hour. The installation consists of over 30 cocoons, over 70 caterpillars, 16 plants and over 60 butterflies. All details must be exactly alike in every caterpillar and butterfly, to make the animation flow.

This is a working prototype for the zoetrope at the centre of the attraction

Every time one of the 16 frames of the animation; one of the 16 little paper plants, is right in front of you, the light in the middle flashes and so the animation comes to life!

The cocoons have the same shape as the exterior of the attraction!

You sit down in the giant cocoon and instead of the zoetrope at the centre spinning around, you spin yourself around the zoetrope!

When I started designing this 3 years ago, I wanted to learn how to fly. My first paragliding solo flight I fell out of the sky and broke my spine

When the surgeon in the hospital showed me how they were gonna operate my spine, I knew that was what the caterpillar should look like; like a tiny crawling spine with a little skull!

The spine-shaped caterpillar crawls up to make its cocoon!

I spend 3,5 weeks working 12 hours a day to glue together all of the paper sculptures you see here! The butterfly lays an egg, from which a caterpillar emerges. It eats, grows, and crawls its way to the next plant. There, it makes a cocoon, out of which a black butterfly with a human skeleton emerges. After laying an egg, the butterfly flies away and the process repeats itself again and again!

The butterflies fly up and disappear into the lantern at the centre of the zoetrope

The different stages of metamorphosis represent phases and growth processes you go through in life. In the end, the butterflies crawl into the lantern, attracted by the light, a metaphorical end of life.

I’m working on building the cage at the centre of the attraction, out of metal!

I cut little strips out of a big sheet of metal, bend them and solder them together at the right angles. I’m also recreating all of the paper sculptures you see in the pictures of the scalemodel, at double the size, for the big zoetrope at the centre of the attraction.

It is my dream to build this attraction and have thousands of people experience it!

This butterfly is ready for her first flight!

Would you want to experience it? Please donate and share to help me make my dream a reality!