I was having 5 weeks paternity leave (my betrothed was working that time). I think every daddy should have this kind of opportunity with his baby. I simply loved that time. In my daily schedule after baby started to take his daily naps I had a little time. First I made sure that there would be some food ready for him after he wakes up. So I made dinner for us. I also did laundry and made sure that there were no dirty dishes. I also cleaned our apartment so that my betrothed would have a nice and clean home after she comes back from work.

After cleaning I started to draw. I usually listened to some music at the same time. Pretty soon I started to stream my drawing and soon I got some regular followers. They loved the moment when my boy woke up and came to my stream for a short while to draw with me. Usually, I had 1,5 hours for this all.

I opened a store into the internet and uploaded some designs. It has been so great so far. 1/2 year and 6000 visitors in my store and I have even sold some t-shirts. So awesome! I got inspired and applied into Art University and got in! Wow.. Can’t wait for the future!

But for most of them all, I just want to continue my hobby with my son. This upload is for him and for his daddy. Thanks for reading!

More info: designbyhumans.com

This bird is called Ferdinand. Thanks for watching!