Even if you don’t believe in the stars, Horoscope Witches by Nona have illustrations everyone will appreciate. A passion project started several months ago, the self-taught artist Nona challenged herself to create twelve witch characters based on the horoscope signs. She reimagined all of the signs as a witch with a particular type of magic, familiar and personality.

Along with the illustrations Nona also created in-depth biographies on each witch, which can be seen on her Blog. Nona had to conduct in-depth research into the horoscope signs, witchcraft, and astrology, to make her designs as accurate as possible to the stereotypes of each sign, and to give as much detail and information for the reader to enjoy.

The project culminated in the recent release of a Kickstarter full-color art book, the book will contain all the Horoscope Witches illustrations and biographies, along with new never before seen information on all the witches and their familiars.

“Kickstarter allows me to bring this book to life at a level impossible through traditional publishing,” says Nona. This Kickstarter also see’s incredibly low prices for each reward, with backers able to purchase a physical copy of the art book for just £10, when asked about the prices available to backers Nona commented that “This project was never about making money, I just wanted to share my art with like-minded amazing people around the world.”

The book publication depends on the Kickstarter project reaching its full funding goal by September 15 (12PM PST), the funding deadline. She has raised more than 50% so far; however, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform and the book will only be made if the project reaches its full funding goal. Additionally, Kickstarter is a no-risk platform, so supporters never get charged if the funding goal is not reached. You can go to her Blog now to see photos and videos as the campaign enters its final few days. “If you have a lover of art, illustration or witchcraft in your life, this book would make a unique and memorable gift,” Nona adds.

Scroll down, find your sign, and enjoy seeing what magic you could easily master!

More info: nonablog.tumblr.com

#1 Gemini The Space Witch

Gemini The Space Witch

Unable to stand boredom, they spend their time either learning or teaching others. The are highly creative and quick witted. Their magic involves communicating, and they always work in large covens. They make their own spells, usually verbal incantations, and surround themselves with books. Extremely intuitive and easily sense change in energy.


#2 Virgo The Forest Witch

Virgo The Forest Witch

Known for their restless mind and busy hands, they become a master of manipulating energy and are very physical when preforming their spells. They always do their magic while surrounded by trees, and are friends with all the local plants and animals. Though they appear quite shy, they enjoy keeping a blog for others to read and to help get to know them better.


#3 Libra The Music Witch

Libra The Music Witch

With an immense enjoyment of life, they live each day to the full. A strong connection with sound, they sing and compose their own spells. With their music not only empowering themselves but others who listen to it. Blessed with inspiration, they are talented not only in music but in all the arts. They use their music to summon demons and mythical creatures to do their bidding. With cold skin, and a smell of expensive perfume, they are much much stronger than they look.


kk 1 week ago

isn't it a coincidence that cardi b is a Libra and she does music/rap

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#4 Taurus The Flower Witch

Taurus The Flower Witch

All their magic neither benefits nor harms and is highly physical when cast. Working with their hands they can easily make anything fertile, and all flowers bloom in their presence. They enjoy knitting sweaters and keeping detailed records and notes on everything. A known collector, who always wears clothes with lots of pockets. They use their advanced knowledge of plants to make many potions and tinctures.


#hardcoreDiCapricoFan 5 months ago

Has anyone realised that she has a prosthetic? I actually had to look several times.

#5 Leo The Lava Witch

Leo The Lava Witch

Blessed by the sun, works best during the daytime, often using fire based magic. Quite social and enjoys being in small covens. Incredible at visualisation, with skilled hands and a strong voice that carries a spark.


Artsy 4 months ago

I am I Leo and I love this sooo much

#6 Aries The Blood Witch

Aries The Blood Witch

Loves tattoos, piercings and faux leather. Brazen and passionate, their driven attitude makes them excellent coven leaders. Preferring to use more tangible spells, they always use brute force when spell casting.


#7 Cancer The Tea Witch

Cancer The Tea Witch

Uses their magic a lot in the kitchen, enjoying using it to cook and bake, as well as to brew their own potions. They love moonlight and work around the lunar cycles, with deep understanding of astrology. They keep an intricate dream diary and often makes friends with ghosts and spirits.


#8 Aquarius The Technology Witch

Aquarius The Technology Witch

Knowledgeable of all technologies, and collects any retro gadgets they can find. Skilled at writing magic into code and text. Uses lots of different methods of magic, loving to explore different techniques. They can speak to birds, who often give them feathers. Loves playing in the rain and collecting rain drops for spells. Tends to work by themselves, but interacts well with others, proudly marching to the beat of their own drum.


#9 Capricorn The Soil Witch

Capricorn The Soil Witch

A solitary witch, practicing alone and in private. They have their own herb garden and vast collection of stones. Enjoys speaking to animals and plants over humans. They focus mainly on tangible and traditional spells. Easily able to assert their magical dominance, with the very rare times the are made angry, the ground itself trembles.


#10 Pisces The Sea Witch

Pisces The Sea Witch

Smells of slat, often wearing pearls, with misty eyes filled with empathy. They use ocean water in all their magic to scry and purify. Outgoing and kind, they can easily make friends with fairies.


#11 Sagittarius The Lightning Witch

Sagittarius The Lightning Witch

Always smiling and laughing, with wide eyes and an open personality. They attend as many witches' sabbaths as possible. Knows for using a lot of energy and physical movement when casting their spells, and being extremely reckless at riding their broomstick.


#12 Scorpio The Night Witch

Scorpio The Night Witch

A nocturnal witch, doing most things after midnight, as they are most inspired and enlightened at night. Enjoys the silence and darkness. With their dark eyes and darker nails, they frequent graveyards and learn from the ghosts living there. Wisest of all the zodiacs, their magic is traditional and defensive, and is cast using strong emotions.