During one of my darkest periods in life I didn’t know how to break free from at least the tip of my crippling emotions. Then I decided to pour it all out in drawings of myself.

My initial goal was to simply find an outlet. The first two drawings I created were ‘Regret’ and ‘Anxiety’. Drawing them did indeed help me feel better – like I was saying out loud a secret I hadn’t known I’ve been keeping.

The part I did not expect were the thousands of people that relate strongly to my art and feel like they’re not alone thanks to it. From then on I started drawing many of my emotions and thoughts – not only negative ones – and again – people get to know they’re not alone… even in their colorful worlds created while taking yet another boring train ride to school or work. Let me know if you recognize yourself in any of them and I’ll keep working on sharing more of my states and emotions in the future.

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