I used to animate New York. Now I animate everywhere I go. Should I change my pseudo name AnimateNY to AnimateEverything ? Maybe I should. This is what I see with my crazy childish imagination.

Photography and illustration are beautiful media, which allow me to fully express my imagination. Sometimes I get an idea right in the moment, and other times I get it when I am going through all the pictures I took that day.

My name is Eliska Podzimkova, I am from the Czech Republic. I like to be creative and make people stop for a second and smile.

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Old Town Prague

London resident

Photo by Julie Ondračková

The Prague lips

Ukrainian city Lviv that I visited in December

Green nails, green grass, green backpack, green head – Czech Republic

Anna’s spare leg

Photo by Linda Hornová

Some birds rather fly a helicopter – NYC

Downtown Manhattan with my roommate Claire

Hugged Freedom Tower


Czech landscape with some extra features… dots dots dots

Lady East river – NYC

Lincoln’s secret identity

Classy Brooklyn

Mountain lake – Czech Republic

Anger – Prague

Windy Prague

NYC piss reflection

Dive in – Bushwick Brooklyn