Frederick Tomlinson, a man living in Queensland, Australia, has just done a great act of kindness by returning a load of ‘belongings’ (trash) that a neighbor ‘lost’ (illegally dumped) in the wilderness. Fortunately for the internet, Tomlinson took pictures of his ‘helpful gesture’ (delicious justice) for the internet to enjoy.

The trash included a fish tank, children’s books, and the offender’s ID, which allowed Tomlinson to track him down and return his rubbish. He later learned from another neighbor that the offender had been dumping what had been left behind by his wife and kids, who left him for beating his wife.

More info: Facebook (h/t: mashable)

Frederick Tomlinson found an illegally dumped pile of trash in Queensland, Australia

Fortunately, he also found the ID of the person who had dumped it, allowing him to ‘return’ everything

“Two ute loads, had another bloke the size of Hercules who helped me as he wasn’t impressed with it either”

The trash included children’s books and toys

“He done a house clean up 2 days ago, we found the rubbish and returned it”