Imagine you becoming a typo. Sorry, what?

Right, the entire ABC is you, or better – it’s made by your imagination.

With this light painting photo-technique – called light blading – you are armed with a single tactical torch and an acrylic circle-blade. You simply jump in a black leisure suit and perform in the darkness like a Tai Chi Master in front of your camera while your hand becomes the mastering tool.

The so-called light blade is a 20cm in diameter and 5mm thick acrylic glass with two red color gel-stripes fixed on its outline, attached in front of the torch.

Now when you move in space, you switch your device on and off, modify the torch from static light to strobe mode and fool around with the interval settings.

The full series took me about an hour practice, each picture exposed for 5 seconds on low ISO (100) and the camera is triggered via remote control. From 165 taken pictures, I selected the 26 top matching ones, which makes an average of 6 pictures per letter. And voila – you´ve frozen your exercise and became the typo.

The more often you work on this technique, the better is your feeling of how to move precisely in the darkness. This exercise is a great way of sports and art in one go and the only limit is your imagination.

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