The political pendulum has seemingly swung between scandal and satire throughout the US Election campaign. But what has been missing is much silliness in the form of Snapchat pics.

Well, until now that is. As voters prepare to go to the polls, the global creative community at DesignCrowd has imagined how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could have spread their messages and personality through social media posts.

The entries to the contest featured classic Snapchat filters including rainbow puke, goggle eyes, and butterfly halos. There were also ideas for how other world leaders might look if they adopted a Snapchat pose.

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Puppy-Faced Presidential candidate

Trump in bloom

Sick of campaigning?

Pucker up

Cartoon campaign

Butterflies wouldn’t melt…

Still the underdog?

Kim Jong-Un wears a halo

Sad Angela

Barking Barack

Puppy Putin