Most of us love dogs, but let’s face it some of their behavior can be pretty strange, and if you didn’t think so before it’s time to put yourself in their paws. Hot Paper Comics creator Martin Rosner created a series that allows you to do some hilarious role reversal, wherein he depicts scenarios that answer the question “what if people adopted dog behavior.”

The young Croatian was inspired by his love of the furry animal and even has his own adorable dog, a yellow lab named Thor. “Dogs are great and bring a smile to my face so I made webcomics about them,” he told Bored Panda. The 23-year-old only began drawing a year and seven months ago but has already been met with some success. “Since I started my funny comics I got the chance to talk to a lot of cool comic authors. Extra Fabulous Comics, MrLovestein, and Perry Bible Fellowship being some of them. I had been reading those comic strips for years and talking to them has been surreal,” he said.

For creative ideas, Rosner said he writes out ten ideas and then chooses the one he likes the best, “I learned that failure is the most important part of making better art.” The young cartoonist said at the moment he is looking for a job to pay the bills but isn’t letting go of his true passions, “I hope to one day make a living from cartoon drawings and doing stand-up.”

Scroll down below to see some funny drawings from this hilarious comic series by Hot Paper Comics!

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If people acted like dogs, Episode I


Episode II, Postman

Episode III, Academics


Episode IV, Texting

Episode V, Enemies


Episode VI, Social Anxiety

Episode VII, Gift

Episode VIII, Home alone

Special episode


Martin also sent Bored Panda some pics of his adorable lab, Thor