The life lasting project was inspired by Snow Patrol’s song “Chasing Cars”. The idea is simple – I lay down wherever and whenever I feel like (well, making sure the composition is good), even if it’s not always legal and take a picture. Carrying around my camera and my small yellow tripod, I’m registering important moments in my life. The focus is not only on capturing places I’ve been to, but also and mostly about changes. I want to document how I change over the years – the color and length of my hair, my body shape, clothes, style (although I’m not really sure I have one). And in this way create an enduring documentary record of my life.

It all started in 2010…

Stonehenge (UK)

Rydułtowy – The highest slag heap in Europe (Poland)

Bucharest (Romania)

Costinesti (Romania)

Belgrade (Serbia)

Budapest (Hungary)

Berlin (Germany)

Carpathian mountains (Ukraine)

Amusement Park (Poland)

Kaunas (Lithuania)

Brugge (Belgium)

Brussels (Belgium)


Taj Mahal – Agra (India)

Golden Temple – Amritsar (India)

Hampi (India)

Leh (India)

Krishna’s Butter Ball – Mahabalipuram (India)

Pushkar (India)

Stok La – 4,900 m (India)

Andaman Islands (India)

Paris (France)