Every year, Erna and Hrefna, two beautiful twin girls growing up in Iceland, greet a very special visitor from Japan – Ariko Inaoka. This professional photographer has been visiting them every summer since 2009 to take amazing pictures of their progress through adolescence and their special relationship with each other.

Inaoka met the girls in 2006 when they were 6. They had come to the casting for a portrait photography photoshoot that Inaoka was preparing. She then met with them in 2009 to begin her project, which she hopes to continue until they’re 16.

I often hear that identical twin telepathy. This is true with Erna and Hrefna” Inaoka claims. “They are always together. They almost never fight each other. Spending time with them, I feel such comfort in their companionship, but at the same time, I feel strange because I have never seen such a powerful connection between any two human beings. They say to me, ‘We dream the same dreams sometimes.’ .”

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“They are always together.” Their connection, Inaoka said, is almost telepathic

“When they talk, one begins a sentence, the other picks up midway, and the first one finishes it – all very naturally”

“Also, they tell me about having the same dreams”

They practice ballet five days per week and get “almost the same grades”

“Their connection is beautiful and peaceful. I also believe photography can capture more than the eye can see”