On a Monday afternoon back in December of the year 2014, I got a call from a photographer, that a whole district of Budapest is totally paralyzed due to freezing rain and the trees are falling over because of the ice pressure. At this moment, I never thought that this call would end in the most exciting press-work of my whole life.

I met with another photographer in the early hours of the following day, and we got up the hills of Buda to photograph the beautiful nature phenomena. We knew one thing only – everyone told us, „don’t go up there; the icy roads are extremely dangerous.”

But we had to. After we exit the bus, we saw the first tree falling over, just a few meters away from us. After this awful shock, we started our way into little streets, far away from the main street, listening to one sound — the sound of branches breaking under the weight of frozen sleet.

The little ones were not that dangerous, but nearly every ten minutes we saw a giant tree collapsing due to this extreme weather, breaking a roof of a house or falling on a car.

I personally was not afraid, because I knew that I had to do my job. I had to show people the power of Mother Nature, so there was no time to think about the consequences. By looking up for nearly the whole time (I had never watched trees and branches for such a long time) I photographed the winter weather to show what it is able to do to helpless people.

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