On the Svalbard Island, at 79° North which is approximately 1000 kilometers from the North Pole, lies a soviet ghost town call Pyramiden.

This town was developed from scratch and used by Russian between 1931 and 1998 to exploit the coal mine nearby.

In 1998, the exploitation of the mine stopped and everybody left.

Here is a small selection of pictures, much more on the link below.

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Lenin facing the Nordenskiold glaciar

The Palace of Culture which contained a theater, a gymnasium, a library and music training rooms

“Miner’s Glory”

The Mine

The entrance of the canteen where everybody in Pyramiden had lunch every day and as everybody had to pass through this door, the front of the building was used to show what was planned in the city. Movies on the left of the door, sport and musical events on the right.

Inside an accomodation building

The gymnasium

The swimming pool

The stadium

Monument at the entrance of the sports complex, named after Yuri Gagarin