My name is Mikołaj Gospodarek and I am a landscape photographer from Poland.

For many years I have been looking for interesting places to visit in the winter time. And it is not easy to find them. One year ago, I traveled through Baikal on the ice, and this year I decided to go through Sweden, Finland, and Norway to the end of Europe with Mazda CX-5.

My goal was Nordkapp. I traveled almost 1000 km in Scandinavian wilderness. The road was often very slippy and covered with ice. The temperature dropped below -20 ° C at times. The strong wind made me unable to open the door in my car sometimes.

I arrived at Nordkapp late in the evening. In the convoy behind the plow, I traveled my last kilometers to find myself in this magical corner of Europe. I wanted to go back to Nordkapp the next day, but the weather didn’t allow me. The avalanche covered the road and I had to wait until I could safely get out of the island.

It was an amazing journey and an amazing adventure. I wanted to show you the best photos that I was able to take during this trip. Welcome to Nordkapp!

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