Guyam is an amazingly beautiful little island off the coast of Siargao island, Philippines. I have paused my travels here to focus on my photography and before I leave this is one of my last projects. I was left with a bunch of neon lights from a previous project and decided to head to my favourite location one more time.

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Ingredients: 1 deserted island, 5 friends, 6 fireworks and 30 neon lights. Everyone created their light-rope and I had them dancing/swinging/whatever in front of the island and along the way we decided to do a Happy New Year version for you all!

The images are composites, the sky is a separate image, a few shots were combined to create some light on the trees, fireworks (almost a complete failure) were shot separately and of course each light painting image. Shot with a Nikon D750 + 14-24/f2.8 on my Sirui T2205 tripod. After editing in my RAW editor, I opened all files in Photoshop into a single file, used lighten-transparency, masked the subject and cloned a few areas.

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