There is no doubt I love taking pictures of the parallel worlds of puddles as you can see in my instagram @guigurui and previous bored panda posts. Normally, I always get stares of people whom I assume are thinking “what is this guy doing with his phone so close the to the water”. However, this is the first time where I was approached and asked “What are you doing?”

I am always excited to share my pictures with people so I showed him the picture I took and he was amazed. I told him the technique and he tried it out. This caught the attention of another man who asked the same question. I then to told him the same technique. They didn´t quite get it at the first try, but I helped them out and they were very excited to show their families what they have captured! I was proud of my unexpected students!

More info:

Curiously looking at the puddle after I showed him the picture I took

“Let’s try it out”

I told him to try and get lower…

Second man tried it out

The Result