…it didn’t stop there either.

I thought the same thing about Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Joker, and Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

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Darth Vader’s Imperial ‘Cruiser’ on the outside

I figured it would look a lot like his Imperial Shuttle. And he’d have a cool:

1. Observation dome
2. Navigation fin
3. Cockpit (straight from the shuttle)
4. Intake ports
5. Boarding ramps

… and on the inside

With his:

1. Han Solo frozen-in-carbonite fridge.
2. “High-ground” BBQ pit. With lava straight from Mustafar itself.
3. Photograph of Padmé. That is if photographs are a thing in Star Wars of course.
4. Cloak carousel.
5. Mediation chamber for putting cream on his face, being delicate and being interrupted by the Emperor.
6. 3-D chess table.
7. Conference table.

I figured Daenerys always like to make a statement, probably more so than Vader

Which is why her’s is especially badass. Maybe I should have put the Iron Throne in the ‘driving’ seat, haha.

I figured the inside would be a clash of cultures — that of Essos and Westeros.

Harry Potter would drive around in an old train car from Hogwarts

…because why wouldn’t he? It’s not very inconspicuous, but that’s what invisibility is for, isn’t it?

And the inside would basically just look like the Gryffindor common room.

I figured Sheldon would design his own (of course he would, he’s our generation’s Einstein)

…and I reckon it would look something like this.

I think everyone envisioned the interior looking like this.

The Joker’s one gave me the creeps

…but I’m pretty sure this is what he would go for.

I didn’t even want to imagine the inside

…but how else could a psychopath-clown’s living space look like?