I am Art Director and Stylist at Carrot Incorporations. Also I am a mother of three children: two boys and a girl. I did not have a photo shoot of any of my first two pregnancies, but when I found out I am expecting a girl, I just had to do this.

So I waited and I waited until I was nearly due. One week before giving birth, all swollen and very big, I got into a bathtub. And I love it! I am so happy I have this as a reminder of me being pregnant. And guess what, this is me in all four photos in one photo shoot in one day.

We wanted to show that woman’s life during pregnancy is so different by this photo shoot. One day you are heavenly calm, the other you think you have depression , third one you are all sexy and the next you want just to stay in bed. And to all pregnant women out there: you are all beautiful!

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