For 16 years I was the CEO of the world’s biggest design award, and before that I was CEO of a large cultural venue in Copenhagen. But then I quit my job, because I missed working with my hands, as I did in my younger years as a visual artist.

Now I do family portraits in a very different way. I make boxes with family members. My Father in law, who used to be an accounting officer, now enjoys life in a room full of account books, with his darling cats – both living and dead. One of my nieces lives below the staircase, with her baby daughter and the dreams, dolls and nightmares from her childhood. My husband is in the machine room, where he fixes everything while enjoying a cold beer and coffee and he has made a space for me to sit and read. My deceased and most beloved mother lives in the cellar stairway and has transformed into being which transforms the frightening animals from the cellar into beautiful butterflies. We all have a room and a life now and in this way my family lives on, together in a new world of paper cuttings.

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My sons merged into one boy living with all the wonders of the attic.

My farther in law amidts his books and cats

My husbond in the maschine room

My mother in law in her attick room with her dog

My mother, transforming frightening creatures into butterflies

My niece Ida in the bathroom with her unruly dogs

My niece, Geske, with her baby daughter and the dreams, dolls and nightmares of her childhood

My own studio, where I am painting a self portrait

My deceased sister with all her flowers and the difficulties in her soul

Our shared garden