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I Visited The “Magical” Island Of Lombok And Took Pictures Of The Beautiful Place Via Smartphone
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Photography, Travel2 years ago

I Visited The “Magical” Island Of Lombok And Took Pictures Of The Beautiful Place Via Smartphone

Lombok Island is one of the tropical islands which has a unique and unbelievable natural formation besides Bali.

In Lombok, you will find a clean and quiet beach, the hills that surround you along the journey, and the Mighty of Mount Rinjani.

On this occasion, I will surround the whole part of the charming island of Lombok.

So, let’s start the journey!

More info: Instagram

Welcome to Lombok International Airport!

Origin Lombok Hotel, Kuta, Lombok Island

I stayed in Kuta, Central Lombok Regency Inn. The area of ​​Kuta is famous for the beauty of tropical beaches.

Mawun Beach, Lombok.

Welcome to Mawun Beach, Lombok. Here you will feel you have an exotic private beach.

Selong Belanak Beach, Lombok

Selong Belanak Beach is a paradise for lovers of surfing, has quite large waves, and is surrounded by hills.

Bonus Pic from us :)

Kuta Lombok From the peak of Hill

Kuta Lombok has amazing natural formations to enjoy.

The Beautiful of Merese Hill Lombok, Central Lombok Regency

Merese hill is a very suitable place to enjoy the sunset above the height.

The Peak of Merese Hill, Lombok

Merese Hill lombok to the Sea

You can sit at the peak and enjoy the sea from above too. Don’t forget snacks and drinks.

You can see the peak of Mount Rinjani.

Welcome to National Park of Rinjani Mountain, East Lombok Regency

From this lonely road, we will visit the magical and peaceful Sembalun village.

Road to Park of Sembalun, Lombok

The peak of Pusuk Sembalun Park, East Lombok Regency

Can you see the village? yes, that is Sembalun village…

A village surrounded by enchanting hills and Mount Rinjani.

So dreamy, with the rain and Hills. Welcome to Sembalun Village

This is the view around my lodging when staying overnight in Sembalun village. Magical.

From the lobby, my lodging is surrounded by hills and mountains, the highest Peak of Lombok island.

Ancient Village of Sembalun, Called Beleq Village.

Selong Hill, Sembalun Village, Lombok

Near Beleq village, you can find a hill called Bukit Selong/Selong Hill

Selong Hill, Lombok

This Food Called, Ayam Taliwang or Taliwang Chicken. The traditional food from Lombok

End of journey. Last Road. Welcome Sengigi Beach, Lombok, North Lombok Regency


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