For as long as I can remember, I have found myself drawn to the forests, fields, and vast wilderness around me. They were the quiet escape I was so desperately trying to find. I constantly seek to explore, learn and experience the environments I find myself in. It is there where I find solace. The wildlife that lives there had always intrigued me and I found a profound passion for them. I am fortunate enough to live in such a place, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife which is where I draw my inspiration from.

For this series of “Luonto Stills”, I needed my images to reflect my deep appreciation for nature and wildlife that inhabits the wilderness they’re in. I use a method called digital double exposure – a process which involves merging two photographs to create one piece of art. The images are of a single animal which is then overlaid with images of their natural habitats. Within each shape of an animal you’ll find scenes that blend seamlessly with the texture of the animal’s fur or feathers. These works have allowed me to explore the blend of animals and the environments for which they live in, while creating an aesthetically pleasing piece of art.

More info:

“U.P. Black Bear” 2017

“Wolf” 2017

“Pine Marten” 2017

“Into The Wild” 2017

“River Otter” 2017

“A New Day” 2016

“Sly” 2017

“Stag” 2017

“Aurora Black Bear” 2016

“Perched” 2016

“Snow Bound” 2016

“Mischievous” 2016

“Tiger” 2016

“Rest” 2017

“Ponder” 2017

“Curiosity” 2017

“Treeline” 2016

“Cunning” 2016

“Sunrise” 2016