Documenting Peeta (the orange one with the funny ears) and Daisy (the distracted one) getting into the Christmas decorations. You’d think they’ve never seen any of this stuff before, even though it’s the exact same setup every year. But that’s a cat for ya!

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Thanks to my Photoshop skills, it is now snowing in the living room!

I told him to look at the camera and he promptly did this^

He thought it was real until he took a bite

He looks so cute you’d never guess he had just scooted across the rug.

He’s glaring at me here because I trespassed onto my own couch that apparently now belongs to him.

He also claimed the fake pine branches and five of the six pinecones. He buried the sixth in the litter box.

She found something shiny so good luck getting her to look at the camera

Also, PSA of the day: Don’t give your cats real poinsettias, they’re poisonous to kitties.

She’s mad at me because they tasted like plastic and everything that goes wrong in her life is somehow always my fault

So this is a very meaningful and deep piece of art. The wings signify my subconscious’s realization that I don’t have my life together and wish I myself had wings to fly away from my problems. The tree without the top in the frame signifies the fact that I can’t see what’s ahead and therefore don’t know what the path to success is supposed to look like.

Or you can just say Peeta is a Christmas angel and I accidentally cropped part of the tree off. That too.

Sometimes it’s fun to pretend he’s an angel and forget he just ate your entire plate of salmon that you left on the counter unsupervised for like, two seconds.

And that my friends is why Peeta is basically a pumpkin on four legs.

In her element, being hypnotized by the lights of her shiny cocoon before her nap.

I guess you could say she’s a LIGHT sleeper har har har

She’s not very bright, so she’s trying to absorb some of that from the lights

I just realized how much I make fun of my cats. They’re actually my favorite fuzz bundles ever though. I love them WATTS and WATTS! (..okay I’ll leave)