Hi BoredPanda,

My name is Roy Ben-Ze’ev, and I’m a 33 years old metalhead from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I have always walked the path of rock’n’roll, and found my true calling once I started learning silver smithing, wax carving & 3D design, which lead me to create my own alternative brand: RBZ – Unrestrained Jewelry.

As opposed to my wild outer appearance (The whole hair & tattoos thing…), I’m a very pedantic person, I can spend long hours sculpting miniature jewelry models, polishing, cleaning, tweaking every detail to badass perfection, and all that to ensure that its new owner would feel like a true rock legend!

So if you’re into the alternative / biker / rocker / gothic style like I do, you’ll love my creations – visit my website.

More info: rbzjewelry.com

Night owl ring by RBZ Jewelry

Octopus tentacle ring by RBZ Jewelry

Making the Viking warrior ring by RBZ Jewelry

The Viking warrior ring by RBZ Jewelry

Skull & crossbones ring by RBZ Jewelry

Dragon wings ring by RBZ Jewelry

Elephant ring by RBZ Jewelry

It’s all about the attitude!

Adjustable pentagram horn ring by RBZ Jewelry

And that’s me, thank you for reading! keep rocking! m/