I am an interpreter / translator from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I interpret at meetings, depending on how often the people I am translating for make pauses in their speech for me to jump in with the interpretation of what they’ve said, I sometimes have to take notes – if they speak in paragraphs or lists, and sometimes I don’t – if they stop after each individual sentence, concept or idea. So, when I don’t need to take notes, I keep focused by doodling in my notebook, on top of my notes. The doodles gradually became more complex, and lately they’ve turned into special frames in which I place portraits of my family members. I’ve decided to show some of my work to you, starting with my most frequent models, proud members of the species that has already conquered all the other corners of the net – Mališa (Tiny), a 13 year old male Siamese, and MacMac (CatCat), an almost 3 years old female tabby-white-cat. I hope you like these, and if you do, check out my other drawings on my Instagram, @tijana.medic – and contact me if you need a translation / interpretation services from English to what we now call BCS language, combined with drawing.

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