Nepal used to be one of the most popular dream destinations, where people find themselves and world renowned treks. But this year’s earthquakes and political problems aggravated the touristic issue even more. Everybody canceled their trip and now everybody is asking the question on forums : is it safe ?

Nepal just came 6th place on the National Geographic Traveller magazine’s Cool List 2016. This welcome news could not have come at a better time when bookings have gone down by 50%.

I came there before the disaster, I was trekking when it happened and I came back when the fuel crisis was going on and all I can tell you that I will came back this year because :

If there’s one part of Nepal that will remain with you for the rest of your life, it’s the postcard-worthy scenery you’ll see

Come to listen to the soothing sound of the stream

Or if you prefer the silence of the fog and the lake

One of the safest and most beautiful trail you can see is in Nepal

Trekking routes are reopening and the resilient Nepali people are finding their feet

Every season in Nepal has its perk

When I am in Nepal, I can feel the freedom, touch the nature

Who would not like having a cup of hot chocolate in the morning with this view?

Drinkable water comes from the melting snow

The mountains are so beautiful it feels unreal

Come there to take a break from your daily routines and discover yourself

One of the best places to see the milky way with the backdrop of the mountains

Come to see how tiny you are in this world

Have a beer by the peaceful Fewa lake in Pokhara in sunset

Even the light the cloud there is magically beautiful

Come to know your limit

Or maybe make the best memory by coming there for your honey moon with your lover like this lovely couple

Everywhere you go, you’ll be visited with a smile and a “namaste.” You’ll find that the Nepalese people are eager to show you their favorite cultural sites and scenery

Just you going there is helping

For you, Nepal is one of the cheapest country ever, but for the locals, a good season could make a big difference

Tourism is a big part of the Nepalese economy and since it started slowing down, people over there are in trouble

The community is getting back up from the earthquake tragedy with such an attitude, just be humbled

They need you

The guides, the porters

His owner does, too

I guess I won’t be able to measure how right I am on this one until I actually come back from Nepal, but just reading about it is making all my troubles seem small

The only thing I can assure you is that a trip to Nepal will alter your life forever. It will plant positivity in you and will bring out the best in you