Halfway through May 2018 I road-tripped along some of Oman’s greatest highlights. Since temperatures quickly rose up to 45 degrees and Ramadan just started, I noticed that there weren’t many tourists visiting at this time of year. The countries vastness can easily make you feel like you are the only one in the world and I really felt I was.

Big tourist attractions like the Sultan Qaboes Mosque or The Al Alam Palace were deserted during daytime. And even the Souk, which I know from other Middle Eastern country’s is the place were everything happens, had only a couple of merchantmen sitting around waiting for nightfall.

It was magical to visit these places and truly see them in all their glory.

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A guard hiding from the sun at the Sultan Qaboes Grand Mosque

The mesmerizing Royal Opera House

Guards at the Royal Opera House in Muscat

A dusty sportscar

The road to the popular Wadi Bani Khalid ( a place to swim between the mountains)

Deserted road

Pink Mosque on the way to the desert

Locals on their way the central square

The central square

Pastel-colored villages

The Nizwa Souk

Merchant man at the Nizwa Souk

The Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace


Look-out point at the popular village of Misfah.