Between may 2014 and june 2016, I traveled around the world by hitchhiking. During this trip, I looked for many unseen places.

From Europe to Asia, Oceania, South America and North America, I always was looking for abandoned places to explore, rooftop to reach and underground to visit.

Here you can find few pictures of theses places that I saw during this journey.

More info:

Big in Japan : On the roofs of Tokyo

Soviet Past : Exploring the Buzludzha

This is Vegas : Why play in casino when you can climb it ?

Under the city : Hidden Drain

Bangkok Dangerous : On the edge of Asia

Time to play : Having fun in Nara Dreamland

Old Times : Finding abandoned temple of Bagan

Fly Away : Trying to take a ticket to fly

Shadow in night : Taking a look of the top of South Korea

Illusion : Buying some stuff in the mall

Death Star : Making some communication with E.T.

Finally some light : Going down in Odessa