I’m Davide Sasso and I’m a photographer.

I’ve just finished this project with which I want to show that you can take good pictures even with a smartphone and you do not necessarily need a camera with expensive lenses.

All the photos were taken in Milan, Italy.

For this project I used a Samsung Galaxy S7. Obviously, the main purpose of a smartphone is not to photograph, but I think that today’s technology is so advanced that it is possible to take respectable pictures even simply with a smartphone.

Also I must say that it is very convenient because I always carry the smartphone with me and then I can take pictures where and when I want.

The skyscrapers of Milan were for me perfect subjects, the colors of the sunset that shines reflecting on the glass of the skyscrapers are really wonderful. Never deprive yourself of the possibility of taking pictures, you need only a smartphone to take wonderful pictures!

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