Last year I had the craziest idea… What if clients allowed their beloved pet to sit in their vintage vehicles? When talking to the pet owners, I found out that many dogs already had the time of their lives, cruisin’ with their humans during the weekend, going off sightseeing or simply go on a weekend trip.

These dogs turned out to be real pro’s when it came to posing together with their rides!

They get exited when that window drops so they can stick out their noses to the fresh air blowing in … “ are we going yet”? Some of them have no limits either!

The look on their faces says it all….

More info:

#1 Labradoodle puppy of 8 months in his owners 2CV

#2. French Bulldog loves to sit in the back of the pick-up

#3. Sheppard having a comfy seat …

#4. Rhodesian Ridgeback guarding his owners adventure vehicle

#5. Watch out! Boxer behind the wheel!

#6. Rhodesian Ridgeback on the move…

#7. French Elegance in an American Classic

#8. Whatcha looking at?

#9. Can we go now?