I walked around Ubud, Bali in the past couple of days and I just couldn’t leave this pieces of Art without capturing them.

As you walk around town, these beauties welcome you on every second corner. Sometimes they’re right in your face and sometimes you have to turn into small alleys to find hidden pearls.

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I. A door to heaven.

II. Just like any other restaurant entrance. Right?

III. A door & its altar

IV. There is a treat at the top of the stairs.

V. Lush & Luxurious

VI. Which one would you choose?

VII. An entrance to a Hotel.

VIII. Backdoor at a restaurant.

IX. Another eye candy is hiding at the back of a restaurant.

X. This beautifully carved door leads to a private home’s garden.

XI. Nice and homey.

XII. Golden treasure.

XIII. Another golden & orange beauty.

XIV. Temples have some doors to show off with.

XV. A hidden jem between two shops.

XVI. Italian feel in Bali.

XVII. A secret pass to Narnia.

XVIII. Don’t you just want to sit there sipping a cocktail & staring at this door?

XIX. An elegant way to say goodbye!

Hope you enjoyed!
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Which one is your favorite?