I’ve always had a sweet tooth so a few years ago I started making simple dessert to eat at breakfast or in the afternoon. Especially in weekends, when I had more time, I tried to place everything on my plate symmetrically and then I added sauces, cocoa and decorations! I really wanted to take pictures of what I made but I couldn’t afford to buy a good camera at the time. So when I started hearing about mobile photography I decided to give it a try: these are the best pictures I was able to get!

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Chocolates and cream

This was really my favorite! To make it I melted dark and white chocolate then I added hazelnut paste to the white chocolate. I poured them on parchment paper and decorated them with pieces of wafers, fruit, puffed rice and candy. I served them on a teacup plate with a bowl of fresh whipped cream and biscuits. I added some fruit and candies in the background to make it more colorful.

Strawberry cake

To make this I baked a simple chocolate cake made with cocoa, flour, eggs, butter, dark chocolate, yeast, milk and sugar and I decorated it with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, cocoa, dark chocolate and hazelnut cream. It really wasn’t easy to make since the weight of the decorations kept making the whipped cream fall out!

Biscuits and cream

For me biscuits are the best treats to have! So I really loved these vanilla and cocoa flavoured ones. I decorated them with hazelnut cream, cocoa, icing sugar, dark chocolate, hazelnuts and sprinkles then I served them with whipped cream. To create the decorations on the plate I dripped dark chocolate on parchment paper, decorated it and placed it there!

Strawberries and chocolate

Strawberries are my favourite fruit and I just love the combination with dark chocolate and whipped cream since it’s not too sweet nor too bitter!

Hazelnut chocolates and cream

To make this I placed hazelnut cream on parchment paper with a knife, decorated it with icing sugar, cocoa, chocolate shavings, puffed rice and sprinkles and froze it. I got some chocolates perfect to dip in lukewarm or cold milk covered in whipped cream and decorated with chocolate and sauces!

Hazelnut dessert

This was the easiest one to do! I just placed some hazelnut flavored chocolates I made with a mold on a plate and decorated them with wafers, dark chocolate, cocoa, coffee, biscuits. To make it taste like cake I drenched some toast bread in milk and coffee and placed it in the upper left. It really was like a tiramisu cake and it was quick and easy to do so I used this little trick a lot since then!