My name is Trevor Pottelberg. I am a fine art landscape photographer from Brownsville, Ontario, Canada. I don’t live in an area of the world where amazing landscapes simply jump out at you. There are no oceans or mountains anywhere near my home. The local landscape is primarily comprised of flat farmland for as far as the eye can see, but there are some rolling hills and valleys if you know where to look. Still, at times I find myself frustrated when I see landscape photographers from various other places around the globe posting beautiful imagery of snow-capped mountains towering over shimmering emerald lakes or jaw dropping aurora borealis dancing in the non-light polluted skies… all captured from the comfort of their own backyard. I often long for the day where I find myself engulfed in this natural beauty without having to search for it. Knowing that this is not going to happen in the foreseeable future, I decided about three years ago to challenge my creative abilities and attempt to create beautiful artwork within a 15 km radius of my home.

I knew that I would have to work extremely hard and put in hours of my time in order to capture anything meaningful that could compete on the same level as other professional landscape photographers from around the globe. I decided to start scoping out the local landscape on my way to and home from work. After a few weeks of searching various backroads and hiking off beaten paths, I was able to find a number of hidden gems that were within a stone’s throw of my home. The experience really started to change my entire outlook about our home turf and got me excited to get out there to explore. For the next three years, I would return to these spots at various times of day throughout the four seasons, resulting in some truly unique imagery for my portfolio. My end goal is to inspire others to get out there and create beautiful imagery from their own backyard. You may not feel that you live in the most scenic part of the world, but if you take the time to see the beauty that surrounds you, great results can be achieved.

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Moonset Kiln

This image won the Best in Class Award in Pictorial for all of Canada at the 2015 PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) National Image Salon Competition. This image topped all aforementioned images comprised of mountains, oceans and coastal vistas. The feeling of winning such a prestigious award in my very first year with the organization was priceless.  Knowing that I created the artwork within 5 min from my home was even better!  Sadly, the kiln has recently been torn down, making the image even more unique

Oak Sunrise

The morning sun rises behind a mighty oak tree with an autumn fog blanketing the landscape. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.

Moonlit Wildflower Field

The rising moon backlights a low lying fog and an abandoned set of tobacco kilns sitting amongst a wildflower field. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada. Again, these tobacco kilns have since been torn down, making the images that much more unique.

Pump House Under Milky Way

An abandoned pump house rests under the Milky Way on a warm spring evening. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.

Forest Sunrise

I discovered this gem while out driving in a thick overnight fog. The light in the scene is actually coming from a street lamp mimicking the rising sun. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.

The Snowstorm

A small shed sits amongst a set of mature trees during a heavy winter snowfall. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.

Into The Woods

A winding road leads through a forest on an overcast December morning. Photographed in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.

Winter At The Bridges

A bridge spans over the Big Otter Creek into a winter wonderland. Photographed in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.

Falltime At The Bridges

Beautiful autumn colours reflect in the Big Otter Creek at The Bridges at Tillsonburg Golf Course.

Sunset Shack

Post sunset colours fill the evening sky over an abandoned pump house. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.

The Pasture

The rising morning sun attempts to burn through a thick fog surrounding a field of grazing cattle and a lonely donkey. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.

Winter Wonderland

A late autumn ice storm transforms the landscape into a frozen wonderland. Photographed in Oxford County, Ontario, Canada.

Midnight Train

A train heads down the tracks on a foggy autumn night. Photographed in South-West Oxford Township, Ontario, Canada.