I am a photographer. It’s what I love and the food for my soul. It’s what gets me up in the morning. I go to Scotland, specifically the Cairngorms, at least once a year. Last time I was privileged enough to visit, it was the perfect season for British wild mushrooms and fungi. I never got bored with the subject and was most delighted when spotting some mushrooms. My family thought I was mad, throwing myself on the ground in various terrains and into indelicate positions, to capture ‘that’ shot. I hope you get some pleasure from my endeavours.

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Weird Orange X

Weird Orange

Small Shroom

Shroom Thread

Red FunGuys

Neon Punk Fungi

Small Guys

I Pop

Texture Shroom

Plain In Moss

Mushroom Goo

G Force Shroom

Snow Shroom

I Lich Shrooms

Fly Guys Fungi

Fairy Shroom Stools

Cream Thread Shroom

Messed Up Shrooms

Weird Orange B

Elfs Cap