A few weeks ago I posted a series of photographs of couples ‘making love’ in public places and got a very positive response. So I figured I’d keep at it!

At the time, I used to only shoot couples I ran into randomly, so it was pure street photography. But then I thought, I don’t run into couples sharing an intimate moment that often… So why not create those moments?

So this series is a bit different: some of these images are still the result of me being at the right place at the right time, but others, have been more carefully crafted. Sometimes I saw a beautiful scene, and waited around to find a couple that would agree to pose in it. Other times, couples reached out to me, we met up in a location of their choosing, and played around. Can you figure out which photos fall into which category?

In any case, my intention is the same: it’s a celebration of love, in the public space. Some people are uncomfortable with public displays of affection, but I find they’re among the most beautiful things you can witness in your daily routine. I mean, how can you be turned off by love?

It’s important to see love, to feel love around us. It softens our hearts, and boy do we need our hearts to be softened these days…

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